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The official pilot cohort of The Fatherhood Project was launched Saturday, August 13th, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada with the enrollment of 15 fathers in our first 10-Week Workshop. The initial participants were referred through collaboration with Hope for Prisoners.

Future Participants in the program will be identified by community partners and admitted upon a referral basis only. Our referring partners include:

    • Department of Children & Family Services
    • Metro Police Department
    • Domestic Violence agencies
    • Child Support Office
    • Court
    • Direct Referrals from members of the Community

Our program was designed to assist fathers in developing tools and skills necessary to establish, maintain and successfully integrate themselves as an active parent in the lives of their children. Specifically, the Project provides motivated fathers with multiple support mechanisms that will aid them in overcoming perceived obstacles that prevent or hinder them from maintaining an active role in the lives of their children. These barriers include but are not limited to:

    • Active child support cases
    • DV charges for attempts to see their children
    • Legal aid inquires
    • DCFS involvement.

Goals of Our Program

Assist in removing barriers that preclude fathers from becoming an integral part of their children’s development and maturity into adulthood.

Facilitate and expedite the process that allows previously uninvolved, but motivated, fathers to enter (reenter) their children’s lives, while fulfilling their parental responsibilities and obligations to the court.

Provide services that educate and promote healthy parenting skills among fathers who are motivated to develop and maintain positive and sustainable relationships with their children.



Use an appropriate assessment process that insures that only motivated and committed fathers are enrolled participants.


Train mentors and other personnel so that participants feel supported and reinforced in this endeavor to become committed fathers.


Involve and encourage appropriate community agencies such as a family court, police, and Children and Family Services so that The Fatherhood Project can fulfill its stated goals and objectives long-term.